Our Name

What's in a Name?

When contemplating the firm's name, a conscious decision was made to utilize names of people both founders admired. Without question, the names Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill are instantly recognized and synonymous with eloquent and effective communication.

Integrity, Leadership and Limitless Resolve

As two of the most respected world leaders of the past 200 years, their names are synonymous with integrity, leadership and limitless resolve. Both ardently maintained their principles and were willing to make tough choices in the face of opposition - ideals we live by at LCA.

Pinnacles of Leadership and Communication

Both Lincoln and Churchill utilized their incredible oratory skills, plus their gift for using clear, impactful language to galvanize their nations and overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. Perennially quotable, both men represent the pinnacle of leadership and communication for the USA and Great Britain, and as an Illinois-based firm with a partner from Britain, Lincoln Churchill Advisors seemed the perfect name.