Tim Gerdeman

Tim Gerdeman


Tim Gerdeman is a partner of Lincoln Churchill Advisors, providing numerous C-suite teams with investor relations and corporate & crisis communications expertise. Mr. Gerdeman has provided clients with uniquely candid counsel for the past 16 years, with his insights and advice underpinned by his former Wall Street (sell-side) equity research, management consulting, and corporate operating backgrounds. Several of Mr. Gerdeman's recommendations have ultimately been implemented by his clients' Board of Directors.

Mr. Gerdeman's three decades of professional experience include initial public offerings, transformative mergers & acquisitions / divestitures associated with major corporate strategy shifts, and successfully navigating highly sensitive corporate communications challenges. Mr. Gerdeman's particular focus on investor relations includes elevating clients' existing internal programs with thoughtful and creative ideas, providing unique insights into sell-side relationship dynamics, and crafting proprietary investment themes and underlying content to attract and retain institutional shareholders.

Before joining forces with Lincoln Churchill, Mr. Gerdeman was Founder & President of investor relations and corporate communications firm StreetSmart Strategies. Before that, Mr. Gerdeman was an Institutional Investor magazine ranked Managing Director & Equity Research Analyst at Lehman Brothers, and held similar positions at Citigroup and Salomon Brothers, covering the specialty chemicals & specialty materials sectors. To properly forecast growth prospects of his broadly defined equity research company universe, Mr. Gerdeman developed deep downstream working knowledge in a broad array of end-user industries, including but not limited to general industrial manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, building materials, energy, electronics, aerospace, automotive, packaging and pharmaceutical-intermediates.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Gerdeman was a management consultant at Kline & Company, Director of National Accounts at environmental remediation firm OHM Corporation, and Territory Manager at Valspar Corporation.

Furthermore, significant personal experience as a successful private investor in multiple startup companies, subsequently holding Board of Directors or Advisory Board seats, adds an additional dimension to Mr. Gerdeman's ability to address a vast array of business concerns/issues within client organizations.

Recognized as an important industry expert, Mr. Gerdeman has been quoted extensively in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Investor Business Daily, various news wire services and leading industry-specific publications.

Mr. Gerdeman holds a M.B.A., and a dual-BA degree in International Marketing & Marketing Management. Mr. Gerdeman is a former member of both the Ohio Army National Guard and Maryland Air National Guard.

Email: tim@lincolnchurchilladvisors.com