Industry Focus

A Wealth of Experience Across Industries

The Lincoln Churchill Advisors (LCA) team has a steady hand that only comes from decades of tackling real-world issues on a daily basis. The LCA team has worked extensively with companies of almost every conceivable industry and subsector. The following highlights the industries where LCA has the most experience:

Consumer & Retail

Our consumer-related experience focuses on unique, specialty retail companies and consumer products that are often misunderstood, or dismissed as "me too" brands given their unusual market position, or lack of a direct peer set. LCA has worked with numerous companies that faced these challenges, translating their unique stories into compelling messages that reach receptive audiences, including:

  • Auto Parts
  • Consumer Goods
  • Gaming
  • Retail

Energy & Natural Resources

Operating within cyclical industries, energy and natural resource companies have encountered many challenges in recent years. Our team focuses on differentiating these clients and communicating to broader audiences focused on their profile, strategy and market position, rather than just the industry in which they operate.

  • Cleantech
  • Coal
  • Metals & Mining
  • Oil & Gas

Healthcare & Life Sciences

While everyone understands the overall importance of the sector, many oversimplify the challenges faced by healthcare and life sciences (H&LS) companies. The dizzying pace of consolidation, combined with an ever-changing legal and regulatory environment, means there is no more challenging sector from a communications standpoint. H&LS companies choose LCA for its ability to provide outside perspective and expand a company's reach outside of traditional stakeholders.

  • Biotech
  • Hospital Services
  • Medical Devices
  • Pharmaceuticals


The Industrial sector encompasses a huge range of sub-sectors and disciplines. As a Midwest-based firm with decades of experience in the sector, LCA brings a thorough understanding of the diverse segments within the Industrials universe and the challenges a company faces when communicating its story to myriad stakeholder groups that often don't understand the nuances of their business.

  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Automotive & Truck
  • Agriculture
  • Construction
  • Distribution
  • Manufacturing
  • Packaging

Technology & Telecommunications

Outside of the Silicon Valley household names, many B2B companies in the tech and telco community fail to garner the attention and valuations they deserve due to the complexity and technical nature of their operations.

Through unique and innovative programs, LCA has aided many quality, underfollowed companies in raising their visibility despite their lack a highly visible CEO or storied location.

  • Semiconductor
  • Hardware & Software
  • Storage
  • Technology Services
  • Telecommunications Services

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